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YouTube - Always On

Tiktok, Instagram & YouTube

Organic & Paid


ACD & AD - Ed Sergi 
Motion Graphics - Ed Sergi

Video Editor - Ed Sergi

I made YouTube's very first TikTok video 🤯

I was lucky enough to be the ACD on my team when YouTube came to us saying they were ready to make their TikTok  presence official!


This video is a riff off of YouTube's very first uploaded video
Me at the zoo" - only instead of a zoo full of animals, we enlisted several iconic YouTube creators to dress up in elephant outfits and recreate the original video as accurately as possible. This made for a hillarious inside joke, and a great way to bait conversation in the comments.  




YouTube Partnerships

Our mission was to promote YouTube Shorts at all costs. This required a full organic blitz on all social platforms - custom content, creator partnerships, reposts, custom shoots, found footage, sponsored name it, we did it. And with the help of YouTube's fantastic creators, many of whom have gained their own audience and following, we leveraged their platform-specific popularity to boost attention in all the right places. We made social-first content that leaned into what was already working on each specific platform.



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