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The Astronauts


The Astronauts 
Social Media Campaign - Organic & Paid

Creative direction - Ed Sergi
Art direction - Ed Sergi
Motion Graphics & VFX - Ed Sergi & Nick D

Design - Ed Sergi & Paige E
Sound - Ed Sergi

The ask: 

Create a social media campaign to promote Nickelodeon's newest & highest production value show to date, "The Astronauts," produced by Ron Howard.

Sustain fans week over week by providing premium creative content and creating opportunities for the story and characters to live outside of linear delivery.

The solve:

Create a video-forward, custom social media account to extend the show's universe online. Use TikTok as our primary platform to target our young audience while using auxiliary social platforms (IG & FB) to direct users towards the TikTok account. This may seem like a no-brainer now, but in early 2020, almost nobody (except for Gen Z) was paying attention to the platform that would soon take over the world.

Keep the creative fun, inviting, colorful, with a hint of polish, all while incorporating the aesthetic of TikTok's fresh GUI.

Create a first-of-its-kind TikTok video mosaic, utilizing TikTok's auto-boomerang profile view's native behavior for video thumbnails. Take the POV of MATILDA, the show's on-board AI system, who controls the ship. Maintain the show's air of mystery around MATILDA, is she really here to help?

The Astronauts Instagram Filter

Create a fully immersive AR experience via Instagram Filter. Allow users to scan themselves into the show where they can explore the interior of the space shuttle, which we've decked out with promotion messaging & tune-in details.

Paid Content

IG ad directing to our verified TikTok account

The Launch Stunt
TikTok Moving Mosaic
Instagram Filter
Paid Ads

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