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OnePlus Smartphones
Social Media Sustainment & Campaigns

Organic & Paid

Creative direction - Kurt K. & Ed Sergi

Art direction - Ed Sergi
Motion Graphics & VFX - Ed Sergi & Freelancers

Design - Ed Sergi & Freelancers 

The ask: 

After winning a massive $2M pitch to run social media for Oneplus smartphones, the road ahead was full of challenges and accomplishments for our team. How can we break into the smartphone space, which is dominated by the tech giants? 

The solve: 

Create an atmosphere and ethos of separating yourself from the pack. Oneplus users are informed, care about tech & specs, love art & design, and are extremely online. They wear Oneplus like a badge of honor, are loyal to the brand, and very engaged with new content. Make an "Always On" presence online. Fresh content daily, weekly, month over month.  Capitalize on the brand's wealth of beautiful product footage and photography. Highlight the latest and greatest features, always pushing to inform and celebrate our tech milestones.

Lead with Speed was all about quickly and efficiently demonstrating the KSP's of the new OnePlus 8 phone. Each video showcases a different benefit you get from the phone, adding to the excitement leading up to release day.

Paid Campaign
OnePlus 8 Launch
Lead With Speed

Organic Campaign
Oneplus 8 Launch
8 for 8

Paid Campaign

OnePlus 8 Launch

Word of Mouth

Full blitz testimonial campaign with clean, crisp and clear messaging.