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Norfik - Xerxes EP

Artwork & Music Video 

Editing - Ed Sergi
3D & Motion Graphics - Ed Sergi
VFX - Ed Sergi
Design - Ed Sergi

After thinking about a process like this for a couple years in the back of my mind, I finally came across the perfect inspiration to test it out - While on vacation (and under a deadline), there was a statue in our pool that I really loved. So I used a 3D scanning app on my phone to sample the statue from real life, exported & reduced down the .obj to a manageable size, then used a ton of AE trickery, particle systems, audio syncing, and more to create this beautiful atmospheric album artwork, and a whole music video out of it too. 

Logo Animations

Make daily animated logos for Viacom to use internally and for their Lobby Screen projects.

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