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Mythic Quest


AppleTV - Mythic Quest

Social Media Campaign

Organic & Paid

Creative Direction - Ed Sergi & Emily S. 

Art direction - Ed Sergi
Motion Graphics - Ed Sergi & Freelance

Video Editing - Ed Sergi & Freelance

Design - Ed Sergi & Freelance

The ask: 

Campaign for the first season of AppleTV's hit comedy Mythic Quest starring Rob Mcelhenney (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia).

The solve: 

This show was fun. Think: The Office meets Silicon Valley. Our goal was to become an extension of the show, take the fictional video game company and behave as they would on social media. GIFs, character intros, custom themes all from the POV of the company that runs Mythic Quest and the ego maniac owner and CEO: Ian (pronounced eye-an, seriously). 

We utilized paid and organic strategies to make it feel complete and seamless. Some of the work blurs the lines of the two. 


Account Launch

Fake Pre-order Campaign
Motivational Posters

Social Media & Video Content

Organic & Paid


Character Intros
Social Media Campaign

Organic & Paid