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Mrs. Fletcher

HBO - Mrs Fletcher
Social Media Campaign
Organic & Paid
Creative Direction - Emily S. 
Art direction - Ed Sergi
Motion Graphics - Ed Sergi
Video Editing - Ed Sergi
Design - Ed Sergi
The ask: 

Create a video clip-based social media campaign to promote HBO's new show Mrs. Fletcher staring Kathryn Hahn. Keep the mood upbeat, spicy & tantalizing.
The solve: 

Since the show's story & imagery primarily shows Mrs. Fletcher on her laptop, we decided to design the campaign to have a "tabbed browser" look & feel. We defined a clear graphical theme without getting too complex. Simple layout, shapes & colors, with motion that is playful and easy to digest, especially within the Instagram platform. 

Organic & Paid Content
Trailers, Teasers, Recaps, Tune-ins, Reviews & Quotes all given the same look & feel.