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Hot Ones

TruTV - Hot Ones

Social Media Campaign

Organic & Paid

Creative Direction - Ed Sergi. 

Art direction - Ed Sergi
Motion Graphics - Ed Sergi

Video Editing - Ed Sergi

Design - Ed Sergi, Paige E. & Mikela H.

The ask: 

Create a social media buzz around the Hot Ones Game Show, build a campaign that highlights the insanity and unpredictability of a hot sauce competition. 

The solve: 

Utilize the craziest clips from the show, combined with custom graphics and influencer endorsements, to create an unforgettable social media experience. Sustain fans over the course of the season by highlighting the best footage and getting followers to share their favorite moments.

Organic & Paid Content
Custom content, trailers, titles, scene lifts and captions all given the same look & feel.