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BARK - IPO & Rebrand

Brand Work

Creative direction - Mikkel Holm CCO, Henri Kusbiantoro

Art direction - Ed Sergi
Motion Graphics, VFX & Compositing - Ed Sergi

Design - Ed Sergi & in-house Design Team


Brand Work
Animated Sub-Brand Logos

To prepare for our IPO in June 2021, I had the pleasure of teaming up with BARK's Chief Creative Officer to develop the BARK rebrand (formerly Barkbox), and how to incorporate consistent motion throughout. BARK is now the overarching brand for several subbrands, and we wanted to create animated logos for each which tie back to the new BARK look & feel.

Brand Work
BARK Logo Cartoon
Times Square / MSG

Barkbox went public in 2021, and I was there to help them with their OOH efforts. I teamed up with syndicated cartoonist Dave Coverly ("Speed Bump" comic strip) to direct and animate this short video, using his static illustrations. This was used for all of the adspace in Times Square, MSG, and the NYSE for our IPO launch in June 2021.


Brand Work
IPO: New York Stock Exchange Video Cubes

The Video Cube is a custom project built for the New York Stock Exchange floor. These massive cube displays are a company's first chance to show the world who they are during their spotlight on the day of their IPO.

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